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7 dias de retiro

Mindful Magia da terra 

Bem-vindo ao retiro da Magia no paraíso da Terra! Faça uma jornada de yoga, meditação, movimento, vida consciente e alimentação saudável, onde você pode esperar um programa bem estruturado e um espaço íntimo para compartilhar, conectar e crescer juntos.
Junte-se a essa experiência calorosa, acolhedora e emocionante, mergulhando em uma jornada de autodescoberta e autotransformação. Nenhuma religião, guru ou dogma!

The ability to be self-aware is one of the most essential yet difficult to achieve skills we humans can achieve. But it is possible! Balancing the energies of the masculine world and the creative feminine to manifest your full potential.

We invite you to integrate and balance the masculine within you. 

  • Real and raw insights from someone who's been where you are.

  • Practical tools to transform your relationship with the masculine.

  • A roadmap to manifest a life filled with confidence and clarity.

🌺 Why Wait? The Time is Now! It's Valentine's day, the perfect time to choose the love of your life: YOU! Let's create a life you love, filled with confidence and clarity. I've been there, and now, it's your turn.


Ready to say 'yes' to a journey that could change everything?

Hello beautiful souls! After six years single, I was called to heal with my sacred masculine and the journey of Inner Marriage took place in a beautiful day of Solstice. From this healed place, I felt to share the magic that changed my entire perspective on life with you. This journey, born out of my personal quest, has redefined my relationship with the masculine forces in my life. From a place of uncertainty, I now manifest a life filled with confidence and crystal-clear clarity which guided me to a Sacred Union with my beloved partner.
I invite you to join me on this expedition, not as a mere bystander but as an active participant in your own empowerment. Let's explore the realms of self-love and confidence together, where I'll share not just insights but the very tools that helped me shape my reality.

With love, Suzana
What are you going to experience?
This is a practical retreat, less talk more action

✨ Exclusive Theme: Inner Marriage is not a topic you'll find on every retreat brochure. It's an exclusive theme, and those who dare to explore it find themselves on a remarkable journey of self-discovery.

✨ Embrace Unexplored Wisdom: Inner Marriage is not just a retreat; it's an exploration into the uncharted territories of self-love. Discover parts of yourself you never knew existed.

✨ Boost Confidence: Witness the incredible power of self-commitment. Those who have taken the plunge into Inner Marriage report newfound confidence and self-assurance.

✨ Escape to Paradise: Imagine this transformative journey unfolding on a paradise island. The setting itself is an invitation to let go of the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

✨ Personal Testimony: I, too, married myself, and the transformation was beyond words. It's time to share this life-altering experience with you.

Level One of EWA
Embodied Women's Academy facilitator's training 🌟

You can choose to attend only this retreat training or to continue in the next levels to become an Accredited Women's circle facilitator guide.

Ready to commit to the love of your life?

  • 3-Day Transformation: Immerse in a transformative experience over three empowering days.

  • Feminine-Masculine Harmony: Learn tools to balance and harmonize these essential aspects of self.

  • Leadership Empowerment: Cultivate inner leadership skills for a more empowered self.

  • Rose Lineage: a journey into the depths of the feminine outside any religion.

  • Balance Exploration: Journey inward to harmonize feminine and masculine aspects.

  • Movement Matters: Yoga and Dance focused on your personal self-discovery.

  • Inner Authority Activation: Unlock your inner authority for confident decision-making.

  • Wholeness Attainment: Attain a sense of wholeness through self-discovery and integration.

  • Marry Yourself Ceremony: Experience a powerful self-commitment ritual during this transformative 3-day journey.

Island Yoga Lembongan

This beautiful yoga shala located in Jungutbatu will be the host of our incredible 3-day journey. Located a few steps from the beach, it's located hidden from the main road and offer a beautiful garden, peaceful vibes and incredible hosts, including 2 pugs!

What's included:

  • All workshops

  • Lunch, juices, coffees, and teas

  • Boat transfer from Bali (Sanur port) to Nusa Lembongan (30 minutes by boat from Bali) and return

  • Certificate of attendance


What's not included:

  • 2 nights / 3 days accommodation

  • Dinner and breakfast

  • Your flight

  • Insurance




EARLY BIRD UNTIL Jan 28th - 1st Edition PROMO
€ 555
 (IDR 9.300.000 per person)

after Jan 29th 
€ 690 (IDR 11.500.000 per person)


Accommodation is not included

Upon your booking, you will receive our email where we will recommend nearby venues within walking distance of the Island Yoga Lembongan Shala for you to stay.


Don't Miss Your Chance!

Inner Marriage is not just a retreat.

it's a paradigm shift in how we perceive ourselves and our relationships.

Join us, not just for a getaway, but for a life-altering experience.

Say 'I do' to yourself, and let the journey begin.


Are you ready for a transformative adventure?

Secure your spot now!


Suzana Lebrecht  She is the founder of Luna Retreats, Munan Mystery School and most recently EWA. The only Gynetherapist (Women's Holistic Therapist) in Asia. She is a modern shaman, and priestess of the Rose, as well as a Conscious Energy facilitator, creator of the training  "Circles: The Art of Holding Space". In Bali she guided regularly Women's and mixed Circles and retreats in partnership with and an incredible team of Indonesian healers. She has organized woman's gatherings and retreats since 2016. She plays music and has some divinely channeled heart songs. If you have ever eaten Life is a blessing cake at the infamous Sayuri's healing food café, it was inspired by one of Suzana's songs "Life is a Blessing", which is also the name of one of Luna Retreats immersions. Suzana just released her first oracle card deck "Mystical Creatures".
Josie B. She's a great example of a modern business woman! Gypsy, entrepreneur and visionary, and epic human being. Owner of Island Yoga Lembongan and fascinated by oracles, Josie has the biggest collection of Oracle cards in Bali! She brings magic through her sound healing journeys, dance workshops and art therapy. She has a deep and unique perception of the universe around her. Josie loves communities and she's always organizing beautiful gatherings to support the local community in the paradise island of Nusa Lembongan in Bali. She is an incredible and inspiring person to have around.

Connect with the sacred waters

About Lembongan island
Lembongan was not chosen by chance. It's the place chosen for my Sacred Union and it's an island with a very balanced feminine and masculine energy. It has an strategic location, emanating this potent vortex to the main island of Bali. 
Located j
ust a short 30-minute ferry ride from Sanur Beach in Bali, Nusa Lembongan is a rugged little gem of Indonesia. At only 8 square kilometers, the beauty is raw, the pace is slow, and the tourists are seemingly nonexistent. Stunning view, crystal-clear waters and some of the most diverse reefs on the planet, great food and diverse natural spots to explore. A little paradise that is part of a family of 3 islands: Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida. Since tourism is not the main activity on the island at this moment, locals returned to work on their seaweed farms. Amazing restaurants and cafe have recently opened. Lembongan is also a surfers spot. You can enjoy the magic and join a snorkel trip to Nusa Penida and dance in the waters with the manta-rays.
UPCOMING Retreat Trainings

Level 2: Modern Shamanism
Level 3: All the Women That I AM
Dates still to be announced!
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