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Private Holistic Sessions

Breath in the magic. Heal your subtle body through the energy.
Oil Massage

with Suzana

Egyptian Acupuncture 

With the use of clay tablets and quintessences. Support to relief tensions and regulate the body and spirit calming the mind

USD 110/hour


with Suzana

Cristherapy Session

Christal Holistic Reiki Soul Therapy is an energy healing session designed according to each persons needs


USD 110/1:30 hour

Neck and Shoulder Massage

with Dean

Beta Release Brain Alignment

Aligns the brain and central nervous system taking it out of inappropriate states of stress, like rebooting a computer

USD 75/30min or USD 300 for 5 sessions

A strengthening tonic for the soul, these original therapies include guided healing into your life path and purpose. Fell the expansion of your energy. Bliss!

They are all unique sessions that will guide you to unlock old blocks in a very subtle way.

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