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Customizado e personalizado

Bem-vindo ao retiro da Magia no paraíso da Terra! Faça uma jornada de yoga, meditação, movimento, vida consciente e alimentação saudável, onde você pode esperar um programa bem estruturado e um espaço íntimo para compartilhar, conectar e crescer juntos.
Junte-se a essa experiência calorosa, acolhedora e emocionante, mergulhando em uma jornada de autodescoberta e autotransformação. Nenhuma religião, guru ou dogma!

Oferecemos a você um programa diferenciado e totalmente customizado, baseado em anos de trabalho com grupos, que lhe proporcionará uma experiência que você não vai esquecer.

Uma experiência transformadora, de abertura do coração, inspiradora, amorosa e positiva e divertida. Esperamos apresentar a você novos modos de ser, novos modos de ver o mundo e novas maneiras de interagir com a realidade.

Faça sua reserva, sinta seu corpo, descanse sua mente e conecte-se com a sua alma.


Customized Tailored Retreats for you and your tribe
check our availability

3-5-Day Exclusive
Mindful Earth Personalized Retreat in Bali 

Nature is calling those who can’t stand to stay in the office and are looking for an inspiring time. This is a transformational opportunity to learn more about the planet we live and self- awareness. We want to know who you are, this is a personalized retreat. A time of growth while: practicing daily yoga and meditation; learning from the local culture and local healers; and immersing in the pure spring waters of Mama Bali. A customized program and comprehensive experience. 

retreat - All the  Women (1).png

In Nusa Lembongan, Bali October 2022 
reserve your spot in advance

8-day immersion in
2 islands in Bali

This exclusive self mastery training is designed for women that are looking for feel trust for your passionate burning desire and never settle for less. Women looking for meaningful ways to deliver even more impact and results with your relationships, clients, family and friends and how to be more creative and find your unique way of mastering their life and create their find their natural sense of leadership.

In this retreat, I’ll explain what self-awareness through 10 effective and practical archetypes of the feminine, through exercises, meditation, dance, and rituals that you can use to actually cultivate self-awareness in your life while walking on the tree of life.

Join us in a paradise island.


In Bali
book in advance - Dates to be confirmed

3-Week training
Sacred circles: The art of holding Space

If ever dreamt to guide circles or ceremonies or if you are already a professional and want to learn or improve your skills as a facilitator, this is more than a training, it's a program where you will experience while learning. 

Community focused

We love Bali and we love the people that make this place so special! Be open to get in touch and share experiences with locals. Coming to our retreat, you are supporting the local community. Most of our team angels in Bali are from Indonesia, incredible right?

Giving Back to Bali

Our team is composed of amazing Indonesian. And besides of that, by booking a retreat directly with us, part of the proceeds will be donated to a local social impact enterprise. It's our way to thank this land for receiving us.

Jem Bendell

The Life is a Blessing retreat is like joining friends to celebrate being alive, through music, movement, nature and food.

Rosa Marino

This experience has been the most beautiful one for me. I’ve never felt in my life so in connection with nature, empowered and loved. She opened my heart and she gave me the tools to deeply connect with myself. Her powerful energy and all the activities based on energy healing, healed me!! I’m so grateful to her and to all the people that worked with her on this beautiful, strong and
amazing journey called Luna Retreat. This is not a common retreat this is a place, a home, a trip where you feel you are one. We were one!!!

Grazie with all my heart ❤️

Laura Carrión

Luna Retreats came to my life at the moment when I most needed it. I was tired physically and mentally, but thanks to this amazing and well-prepared team, I was able to come back to my normal routine with more energies than I ever have.

Anna Kristin Lie

My first time in Bali and I have been lucky enough to book a retreat with Luna Retreats 🧘🏼‍♀️This has been more of a journey within yourself in the beautiful environment of this magical Island! 


My retreat with you was unforgettable.... for sure!!! ❤️

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