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Sacred circles:
The Art of Holding Space
Online - Certified by Udemy
In person - Training by Luna Retreats and Munan Mystery school

Learn the art of facilitating sacred sharing circles, creating a safe space for participants.

How to support without being invasive

How to hold space, tools for energetic support, how to listen, share, take care of each other without judgment

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You will learn: 
  • Introduction to Sacred Circles

  • What is a sacred circle?

  • Facilitator and physical space preparation

  • How to be a space holder/facilitator?

  • How to create a sacred space: Understanding the portals

  • The 5 elements and the 4 directions

  • Opening a circle

  • Circular Dance

  • Facilitating and holding space

  • Oracle card reading

  • Energy reading

  • Sacred heart songs

  • How to guide rituals and ceremonies

  • Closing a circle

  • You'll discover how to be utterly present with someone yet also when to dance alongside so they can trust their own wisdom

You'll empower them to make their own choices because people are often more capable and intuitive than they give themselves credit for

The art of Holding Space

Training program


Private or group coaching available.

Private classes approx. 4/8 hours teaching - online or in person.

Group approx. 8/12 hours teaching

Include video recordings (Udemy) and Facilitators Guide Book

Holding space is the process of witnessing and validating someone else's emotional state while simultaneously being present to your own.


I want to join the Training


send an email to

Subject: Sacred Circles Training

You will receive a PDF with all information and book a Skype session interview

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