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Sacred circles:
The Art of Holding Space
Facilitator's Training by
Suzana: Luna Retreats and Dean Powell: Integrated Man

Learn the art of facilitating sacred sharing circles, creating a safe space for participants.

How to support without being invasive

How to hold space, tools for energetic support, how to listen, share, take care of each other without judgment. Learn while experiencing.

To whom is this training for?

Beginners and non beginners. For professionals that want to dive deep into learning how to create a safe and unique space for your participants/students. Yoga teachers, sound healers, breath workers, therapists, etc.


We are all equal while in a circle

You will learn: 
  • Introduction to Sacred Circles

  • What is the art of holding space?

  • What is a sacred circle?

  • Facilitator and physical space preparation

  • How to be a space holder/facilitator?

  • How to create a sacred space: Understanding the portals

  • The 5 elements and the 4 directions

  • Opening a circle in different traditions

  • Dances and body movement

  • Voice activation

  • Understanding the brain

  • Facilitating and holding space

  • Authentic relating and vulnerability

  • Oracle card reading

  • Energy reading activation

  • Introduction to Astrology

  • Active meditations

  • Sacred heart songs

  • How to guide rituals and ceremonies

  • Closing a circle

  • You'll discover how to be utterly present with someone yet also when to dance alongside so they can trust their own wisdom

  • You'll empower them to make their own choices because people are often more capable and intuitive than they give themselves credit for

The art of Holding Space

Training program

8 Modules

What is the art of holding space?

The most valuable gift we can give other people is to create an environment in which they feel safe to share their truth.


What does it mean to hold space?

To hold space is to bring pure presence to another person.

To hold space is to listen, with full attention and focus.

To hold space is to listen without judgment and much more.

Holding space is the process of witnessing and validating someone else's emotional state while simultaneously being present to your own.


How to create Ceremonies and rituals?

Learn how to guide ceremonies in rituals that are aligned with your heart.

You can create your own ritual or ceremony based on your own experiences. As long as you respect the aspects of the elements you are offering, you are free to express them your own way.


Creating and holding space is the foundation of meaning in our lives. It fuels relationships, growth and self-discovery.

You will also learn:

  • Taking care of time

  • Helper tools

  • Heart songs

  • Authentic relating exercises

  • Art and creative workshop

  • How to handle challenging situations

  • Guide your first circle

  • and much more


Learn while having fun

Real relationships are built on a foundation of trust. When we hold space for others, we create a container in which they feel it is safe to be vulnerable. This opens the door for trust.


"I chose to be guided by Suzana because she truly knows how to hold a space with such grace and makes it seem so effortless. Her way of teaching is also so loving and she handles it with patience".

- Amanda Helms

It's a life changing experience.

She guides you into a beautiful journey.

- Patricia Segovia


Venue may vary according to the number of participants. Option to staying at or near the retreat venue will be available. We have our standard based on years of experience, Ubud is the potential place to host our training. ONLINE coaching is also available, ask for our program.


Luna Retreats: Suzana Lebrecht - She is the founder of Luna Retreats 2018 and Munan Mystery School. She is a modern shaman, goddess and priestess of the Rose, as well as a Conscious Energy facilitator,  creator of the training  "Sacred Circles: The Art of Holding Space". The only Gynetherapist (women's holistic care) in Asia. She has organized woman's gatherings and retreats since 2016, and lives in Bali since 2018. She plays in ceremony along with Bali Cacao Ceremony and she guides regularly Women's and mixed Circles and also retreats in partnership with and an incredible team of Indonesian healers.
Curiosity: She has some divinely channeled heart songs. If you have ever eaten Life is a blessing cake at the infamous Sayuri's healing food café in Ubud, Bali, it was inspired by one of Suzana's songs "Life is a Blessing", which is also the name of one of Luna Retreats immersions which has the same name. Suzana is the author and artist behind "Messages of Magical Creatures" oracle card deck.

Amazing guest teachers will be joining us to add even more value to your training! 

Suzana Lebrecht

Luna Retreats

Dean & Su HIGH RES by Marian Duven-84.jpg

Dean Powell

Integrated Man

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